This is a list of substantial, commercial-or-social-good mainstream websites which provide onion services.
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Real-World Onion Sites

Note: database fully reset, 7 june 2023; expect occasional outages and tweaks as it is brought up to date.

This is a list of substantial, commercial-or-social-good mainstream websites which provide onion services.

  • no sites with an "onion-only" presence
  • no sites for products/technology with less than (arbitrary) 10,000 users
  • no nudity, exploitation, drugs, copyright infringement or sketchy-content sites
  • the editor reserves all rights to annotate or drop any or all entries as deemed fit
  • licensed: cc-by-sa
  • author/editor: alec muffett

Legend/Key for Symbols

You can find techical details and the legend/key for symbols in the footnotes section, below.

Regarding Updates and Suggestions

  • This file ( is auto-generated from a spreadsheet
  • Please submit an Issue for consideration / desired change requests
  • Do NOT submit changes NOR pull-requests for it
  • Re: SecureDrop - all SecureDrop entries are taken automatically from and must be amended on that site, not this one.



Alexander Færøy

Ctrl blog

Dropsafe | Alec Muffett

Kushal Das

Michael Altfield

Ming Di Leom

Nick Frichette

Shen's Essays

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Civil Society and Community

Privacy International

Riseup Home

Riseup Onion Index

provides shared notepad, file sharing, code hosting, and other services

Systemli Home

Systemli Onion Index

provides shared notepad, spreadsheet, pastebin, and other services


*english law firm; see also *

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BBC Learning English

includes resources for many languages

BBC Learning English: Mandarin

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US Central Intelligence Agency

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Bellingcat | es

Bellingcat | fr

Bellingcat | ru

Bellingcat | ua

Deutsche Welle

see language index in titlebar


Radio Free Europe | RFERL

The Guardian

The Intercept

The New York Times

Voice of America | VOA

Yahoo News

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News BBC World Service

BBC News /afaanoromoo | Afaan Oromoo

BBC News /afrique | Afrique

BBC News /amharic | አማርኛ

BBC News /arabic | عربي

BBC News /azeri | Azərbaycanca

BBC News /bengali | বাংলা

BBC News /burmese | မြန်မာ

BBC News /gahuza | Gahuza

BBC News /gujarati | ગુજરાતી

BBC News /hausa | Hausa

BBC News /hindi | हिंदी

BBC News /igbo | Ìgbò

BBC News /indonesia | Indonesia

BBC News /korean | 코리아

BBC News /kyrgyz | Кыргыз КызMATы

BBC News /marathi | मराठी

BBC News /mundo | Mundo

BBC News /nepali | नेपाली

BBC News /pashto | پښتو

BBC News /persian | فارسی

BBC News /pidgin | Pidgin

BBC News /portuguese | Brasil

BBC News /punjabi | ਪੰਜਾਬੀ

BBC News /russian | Русская служба

BBC News /serbian/cyr | на српском

BBC News /serbian/lat | na srpskom

BBC News /sinhala | සිංහල

BBC News /somali | Somali

BBC News /swahili | Swahili

BBC News /tamil | தமிழ்

BBC News /telugu | తెలుగు

BBC News /thai | ไทย

BBC News /tigrinya | ትግርኛ

BBC News /turkce | Türkçe

BBC News /ukrainian | Україна

BBC News /urdu | اردو

BBC News /uzbek | O'zbek

BBC News /vietnamese | Tiếng Việt

BBC News /yoruba | Yorùbá

BBC News /zhongwen/simp | 中文

BBC News /zhongwen/trad | 中文

BBC News | In Your Language

language index

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News Deutsche Welle World

Deutsche Welle Albanian | Shqip

Deutsche Welle Amharic | አማርኛ

Deutsche Welle Arabic | العربية

Deutsche Welle Bengali | বাংলা

Deutsche Welle Bosnian | B/H/S

Deutsche Welle Bulgarian | Български

Deutsche Welle Chinese (Simplified) | 简

Deutsche Welle Chinese (Traditional) | 繁

Deutsche Welle Croatian | Hrvatski

Deutsche Welle Dari | دری

Deutsche Welle English | English

Deutsche Welle French | Français

Deutsche Welle German | Deutsch

Deutsche Welle Greek | Ελληνικά

Deutsche Welle Hausa | Hausa

Deutsche Welle Hindi | हिन्दी

Deutsche Welle Indonesian | Indonesia

Deutsche Welle Kiswahili | Kiswahili

Deutsche Welle Macedonian | Македонски

Deutsche Welle Pashto | پښتو

Deutsche Welle Persian | فارسی

Deutsche Welle Polish | Polski

Deutsche Welle Portuguese | Português do Brasil

Deutsche Welle Portuguese | Português para África

cannot find top-page redirect

Deutsche Welle Romanian | Română

Deutsche Welle Russian | Русский

Deutsche Welle Serbian | Српски/Srpski

Deutsche Welle Spanish | Español

Deutsche Welle Turkish | Türkçe

Deutsche Welle Ukrainian | Українська

Deutsche Welle Urdu | اردو

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RFERL azatliq | Азатлык хәбәрләре

RFERL | Настоящее Время

RFERL europalibera md | Europa Liberă

RFERL europalibera ro | Europa Liberă

RFERL farda | رادیو فردا

RFERL idelreal | Idel Реалии

RFERL kavkazr | Кавказ Реалии

RFERL krymr ktat | Qırım Aqiqat

RFERL krymr ru | Крым Реалии

RFERL krymr ua | Крим Реалії

RFERL radiomarsho | Маршо Радион

RFERL severreal | Сибирь Реалии

RFERL sibreal | Сибирь Реалии

RFERL svaboda | Радыё Свабода

VOA russian | Голоса Америки

VOA turkish | Amerika'nın Sesi

  • transport: 🔐 HTTPS
  • link: https://www.sesic3wy3ursfzn7odbol5ddurz2kr3rbfvgnowhwbaefjahzwwsycqd.onion/
  • plain: https://www.sesic3wy3ursfzn7odbol5ddurz2kr3rbfvgnowhwbaefjahzwwsycqd.onion/
  • proof: 🔮 to be confirmed
  • check: ✳️✳️✳️✳️✳️✳️✳️✳️✳️✳️✳️✳️✳️✳️

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Search Engines

Brave Search

works fine, but seems to block curl / upness-tester; ignore status codes below

DuckDuckGo Search

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Social Networks


Facebook Mobile



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Tech and Software

Ablative Hosting

DEF CON Groups



Debian Onion Index

Hardened BSD Onion Index

Impreza Hosting


Qubes OS

Tor Project Home

Tor Project Onion Index

everything tor-related

Whonix Forums

Whonix Home

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Web and Internet

Archive Today

Cloudflare Public DNS

HARICA Certificate Authority


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2600: The Hacker Quarterly


Aftenposten AS




Al Jazeera Media Network




Bloomberg Industry Group


Bloomberg News






DR - Danish Broadcasting Corporation




Der Spiegel




Financial Times




Forbidden Stories




Institute for Quantitative Social Science at Harvard University






New York Times


  • short: nytimes.securedrop.tor.onion
  • transport: 🔺 HTTP
  • link: http://ej3kv4ebuugcmuwxctx5ic7zxh73rnxt42soi3tdneu2c2em55thufqd.onion
  • plain: http://ej3kv4ebuugcmuwxctx5ic7zxh73rnxt42soi3tdneu2c2em55thufqd.onion
  • proof: link
  • check: ✳️✳️✳️✳️✳️✳️✳️✳️✳️✳️✳️✳️✳️✳️



Public Intelligence


Stefania Maurizi


Süddeutsche Zeitung


TV2 Denmark






The Globe and Mail


The Guardian


The Intercept


The Washington Post


  • short: washingtonpost.securedrop.tor.onion
  • transport: 🔺 HTTP
  • link: http://vfnmxpa6fo4jdpyq3yneqhglluweax2uclvxkytfpmpkp5rsl75ir5qd.onion
  • plain: http://vfnmxpa6fo4jdpyq3yneqhglluweax2uclvxkytfpmpkp5rsl75ir5qd.onion
  • proof: link
  • check: ✳️✳️✳️✳️✳️⏰✳️✳️✳️✳️✳️✳️✳️✳️

Toronto Star


Whistleblower Aid


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Flaky Sites

These sites have apparently stopped responding.

The New York Times: Chinese

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  • At the moment where an organisation runs 2+ onion addresses for closely related services that do not reflect distinct languages / national interests, I am posting a link to an index of their onions. Examples: Riseup, Systemli, TorProject, ...
  • The master list of Onion SSL EV Certificates may be viewed at

RWOS Status Detector

  • ✅ site up
  • ✳️ site up, and redirected to another page
  • 🚫 site up, but could not access the page
  • 🛑 site up, but reported a system error
  • 🆘 site returned no data, or is down, or curl experienced a transient or permanent network error; may also reflect a problem with the RWOS server connection
  • ❓ same as 🆘 but curl specifically mentioned inability to fetch an onion descriptor
  • ❗ same as 🆘 but curl specifically mentioned inability to connect to the server
  • ⏰ same as 🆘 but curl specifically mentioned connection timeout as an issue
  • ⏲️ same as 🆘 but curl specifically mentioned ttl expiry as an issue
  • 🔑 same as 🆘 but curl specifically mentioned SSL certificates as an issue
  • 🆕 site is newly added, no data yet

You can also see the history of updates.

Codes & Exit Statuses

Mouse-over the icons for details of HTTP codes, curl exit statuses, and the number of attempts made on each site.

  • codes are from HTTP and are documented elsewhere; RWOS-internal ones include:
    • 901 - malformed HTTP response
    • 902 - malformed HTTP response
    • 903 - malformed HTTP response, commonly including (e.g.) invalid HTTPS certificate
    • 904 - HTTP status code parse error
    • 910 - connection timeout
  • exits are from Curl and are documented elsewhere; common ones include:
    • 7 - "curl couldn't connect"
    • 52 - "curl got nothing", received no data from upstream

TLS Security

Due to the fundamental protocol differences between HTTP and HTTPS, it is not wise to consider HTTP-over-Onion to be "as secure as HTTPS"; web browsers do and must treat HTTPS requests in ways that are fundamentally different to HTTP, e.g.:

  • with respect to cookie handling, or
  • where the trusted connection terminates, or
  • how to deal with loading embedded insecure content, or
  • whether to permit access to camera and microphone devices (WebRTC)

...and the necessity of broad adherence to web standards would make it harmful to attempt to optimise just one browser (e.g. Tor Browser) to elevate HTTP-over-Onion to the same levels of trust as HTTPS-over-TCP, let alone HTTPS-over-Onion. Doubtless some browsers will attempt to implement "better-than-default trust and security via HTTP over onions", but this behaviour will not be standard, cannot be relied upon by clients/users, and will therefore be risky.

tl;dr - HTTP-over-Onion should not be considered as secure as HTTPS-over-Onion, and attempting to force it thusly will create a future compatibility mess for the ecosystem of onion-capable browsers.


The issues page is the fastest and most effective way to submit a suggestion; if you lack a Github account, try messaging @alecmuffett on Twitter.

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