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### **Guides**
- []( - a community contributed online guide to anonymity written for activists, journalists, scientists, lawyers, whistle-blowers, and good people being oppressed, censored, harassed anywhere
- []( - a non-profit, socially motivated website that provides information for protecting your data security and privacy
- [Extreme Privacy 4th Edition]( - Michael Bazzell has helped hundreds of celebrities, billionaires, and everyday citizens disappear completely from public view.
- []( - a community dedicated to providing anonymity enhancing guides and services
- [Into the Crypt]( - the art of anti-forensics
- [Advanced Privacy and Anonymity Using VMs, VPNs, Tor]( - a series of guides that explains how to obtain vastly greater freedom, privacy and anonymity through compartmentalization and isolation through nested chains of VPNs and Tor