A collection of privacy and security posts and resources
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A collection of useful guides, services and philosophy for achieving sovereignty with cryptocurrencies.
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A Mirage firewall VM for QubesOS
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All Qubes OS Project documentation pages are stored as plain text files in this dedicated repository. By cloning and regularly pulling from this repo, users can maintain their own up-to-date offline copy of all Qubes documentation rather than relying solely on the Web.
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Community documentation, code, links to third-party resources, ... See the issues and pull requests for pending content. Contributions are welcome!
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Protect your data against global mass surveillance programs.
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Awesome Privacy - A curated list of services and alternatives that respect your privacy because PRIVACY MATTERS.
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Don't get KYC'ed https://kycnot.me
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Tornado cash. Non-custodial private transactions on Ethereum.
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A command line interface to make transactions in Tornado Cash protocol
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Relayer for Tornado cash
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Tornado Cash is a fully decentralized non-custodial protocol allowing private transactions in the crypto-space.
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Meme site for Monero. You can submit memes and get paid.
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Monero Community Crowd Sourcing Proposals
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Into the Crypt: The Art of Anti-Forensics
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Constellation is the first Confidential Kubernetes. Constellation shields entire Kubernetes clusters from the (cloud) infrastructure using confidential computing.
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A practical approach to Privacy and Security
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Kernel Hardening; Protect Linux User Accounts against Brute Force Attacks; Improve Entropy Collection; Strong Linux User Account Separation; Enhances Misc Security Settings - https://www.kicksecure.com/wiki/Security-misc
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