Decentralized P2P exchange built on Monero and Tor
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assets/src update litecoin address validation (#815) 2024-03-12 21:12:39 -04:00
cli trade fees are adjustable and persisted in offer payload 2024-04-07 08:33:39 -04:00
common/src bump version to 1.0.8 2024-06-23 13:52:00 -04:00
config/checkstyle upgrade to gradle 8.0.2 for checkstyle heap size adjustment 2023-03-25 11:41:16 -04:00
core randomize completed trade info, fixes #1099 2024-07-10 10:29:04 -04:00
daemon/src increase max calls to resolve disputes for tests 2024-04-29 11:22:49 -04:00
desktop show error message on error confirming payment received 2024-07-12 14:42:14 -04:00
docs update instructions to build monero bins for linux aarch64 2024-06-23 13:47:42 -04:00
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proto/src/main/proto Add an "extra_info" text area for CashApp 2024-07-08 11:36:30 -04:00
relay enable proof of work dos protection in torrc 2024-06-10 07:38:16 -04:00
scripts update to ipv6 address in seednode service 2024-07-11 11:54:55 -04:00
seednode update to ipv6 address in seednode service 2024-07-11 11:54:55 -04:00
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build.gradle bump version to 1.0.8 2024-06-23 13:52:00 -04:00 upgrade to gradle 8.0.2 for checkstyle heap size adjustment 2023-03-25 11:41:16 -04:00
gradlew downgrade Gradle wrapper to 8.2.1 2023-12-19 13:35:47 -05:00
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What is Haveno?

Haveno (pronounced ha‧ve‧no) is an open source platform to exchange Monero for fiat currencies like USD, EUR, and GBP or other cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH, and BCH.

Main features:

  • All communications are routed through Tor, to preserve your privacy

  • Trades are peer-to-peer: trades on Haveno happen between people only, there is no central authority.

  • Trades are non-custodial: Haveno supports arbitration in case something goes wrong during the trade, but arbitrators never have access to your funds.

  • There is No token, because it's not needed. Transactions between traders are secured by non-custodial multisignature transactions on the Monero network.

See the FAQ on our website for more information.

Status of the project

Haveno can be used on Monero's main network by using a third party Haveno network. We do not officially endorse any networks at this time, but they can be found online.

A test network is also available for users to make test trades using Monero's stagenet. See the instructions to build Haveno and connect to the network.

Note that Haveno is being actively developed. If you find issues or bugs, please let us know.

Main repositories:

  • haveno - This repository. The core of Haveno.
  • haveno-ui - The user interface.
  • haveno-ts - TypeScript library for using Haveno.
  • haveno-meta - For project-wide discussions and proposals.

If you wish to help, take a look at the repositories above and look for open issues. We run a bounty program to incentivize development. See Bounties

The PGP keys of the core team members are in gpg_keys/.

Keep in touch and help out!

Haveno is a community-driven project. For it to be successful it's fundamental to have the support and help of the community. Join the community rooms on our Matrix server:

Email: Website:

Contributing to Haveno

See the developer guide to get started developing for Haveno.

See docs/ for our styling guides.

If you are not able to contribute code and want to contribute development resources, donations fund development bounties.


To incentivize development and reward contributors we adopt a simple bounty system. Contributors may be awarded bounties after completing a task (resolving an issue). Take a look at the issues eligible for a bounty on the dedicated Kanban board or look for issues labelled '💰bounty' in the main haveno repository. Details and conditions for receiving a bounty.

Support and sponsorships

To bring Haveno to life, we need resources. If you have the possibility, please consider becoming a sponsor or donating to the project:



If you are using a wallet that supports OpenAlias (like the 'official' CLI and GUI wallets), you can simply put as the "receiver" address.